About Us

Watthour Systems was established in 1993 in New Delhi, India. It aims to supply the printing and graphic arts industry with high quality consumables, machinery and after sales service. Watthour Systems expanded its operation throughout India, commanding at the same time, a formidable position amongst its competitors, under the support of Mr. Paramjit Singh, the experienced CEO of the enterprise.

With over 19 years in business, Watthour Systems succeeded in building a vast knowledge base. It fully appreciates its client̢۪s needs and circumstances. It also succeeded in acquiring and developing the knowledge and skills needed by its engineers and marketing people.

Today, Watthour Systems stands out amongst others as provider of first choice for the printing and graphic arts industry in India. Watthour Systems is very selective in the brands it carries. It ensures that it only carries and caters for high quality products that are also diversified enough to meet the varied needs of its clients. The range of prices is competitive, while maintenance needs, if any, are reasonable and cost efficient.

To that end, Watthour Systems prides itself with the high quality of its products and its team of engineers that saves no effort to meet client̢۪s needs whenever they arise. Watthour Systems is also about people as much as it is about machinery, products, and services to the industry.

At Watthour Systems, we place great emphasis on our staff, marketing people, and engineers. We hold them to the highest ethical and professional standards and share with them good corporate citizenship. We are firm believers in team work, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Vision and Mission
We are working hard to establish a healthy work environment where customer satisfaction is given utmost priority. We are committed to support clients by providing customized solutions and professional service including sales, after sales service and continuous technical support.

Quality Policy
With the company policies and practices in place, the company ensures qualitative and quantitative behavior in the organizational arena to enhance customer focus and value added services to its clients.

The company delivers comprehensive pre-press packages to customers. We have a strong backing of our workforce in Administration, HR, Marketing, Technical, Software, and Finance. It has the supporting units in various parts of India to cater to the growing needs of the clients.

Our headquarters are located in Delhi and the associated branches in Ahmadabad, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.This network enables us to provide a fast and effective response near our customers whenever needed. Our clients are mainly located throughout India. They represent a variety of businesses related to graphic art industry such as print shop, newspapers, publishing businesses, internet and digital media and prepress services.